How To Create High Converting Sales Funnel – The 10 Essential Key Elements

Before I tell you what the 10 essential key elements of a high converting sales funnel are, let me quickly share with you the importance of a good sales funnel and why you need one in your business.

But first, if you are new to internet marketing and the concept of a sales funnel sounds like a foreign language to you, then get my free course here to learn what a sales funnel is and how it works.

Now, Why Do You Need A High Converting Sales Funnel?

How much does a customer lead means to you? The answer to this question depends very much on your sales funnel.

We all know that the value of a quality lead that converts into a paying customer is indispensable in every business, whether online or offline. Once a lead responds to one of your marketing campaigns, why not give him a fair chance to see everything you’ve got through a sales funnel?

It may just be the right solution the prospect has been looking for and, the right opportunity for your business to present itself.

What Is A HIGH CONVERTING Sales Funnel?

A high converting sales funnel converts effortlessly by itself, without the product owner having to do anything else other than promotion. It’s an optimized method of allowing each customer to go through a sales process from being a prospect turning into a lead then to a customer and finally, to a repeat buyer.

A good sales funnel must begin with a low ticket offer and then a series of high ticket offers along the process. The funnel must be setup to work effectively in a way that your customer leads can have a good experience and high levels of engagement with an automated follow-up system.

You can always tell in the end and if they have taken the steps and do what you asked them to do, then you know your sales funnel works.

Why Do 97% Of Internet Marketers Fail?

Most people fail online because they have no idea how to put together a high converting sales funnel. What they typically do is put up a lead magnet and later, providing one low ticket product offer. That’s it. That’s what you often hear from most gurus’ instructions to the newbie students.

Having been around in the internet marketing world for a while, I’ve proven that intentionality is vital to succeed. Making a good and fast profit online require a combination of low and high ticket products offered strategically through a funnel. This works wonders, especially using paid traffic.

[feature_box style=”10″ only_advanced=”There%20are%20no%20title%20options%20for%20the%20choosen%20style” alignment=”center”]For example: If you set a goal to earn $10,000 by selling a $17 product, you’ll have to make around 588 sales. That’s almost impossible by today’s standard except, of course, your product is exceptionally good and you have a lot of affiliates selling it and for a $17 product, you won’t have much luck with recruiting affiliates either.

However, with a sales funnel that has a combined average customer value of say $297 at the least, you only need 34 sales to reach your goal. This is a lot easier to do if you plan it all out in advance.[/feature_box]

Think about it…

Sales strategy may demand some time for planning when starting out, but it definitely makes a huge difference and the end result can be very rewarding.

Now, Here’s The Problem

The harsh truth is, it’s very difficult for a newcomer to put up a good sales funnel. Developing a successful funnel requires that you have good products, skills, knowledge and investment. Without these things, you may be throwing darts in the air. Your time, energy, and resources are at stake.

But There’s a Quick Fix To This Problem

Here’s what to do for each criteria.

Products: You don’t have to create your own products from scratch. You can use high quality Private Label Rights products. Make sure to change most parts of it.

For instance… create a new cover, rewrite the paragraphs, redo the packaging so you can turn them into unique items. And put your name on it as the product creator. You don’t even have to do this yourself. You can get other people to do it for you for a low price.

Skills and Knowledge: You can leverage on other people’s skills to quickly build a good sales funnel for you. There are many providers nowadays who offer this special service. All you have to do is look around and find a good fit for your need. You can even use our sales funnel design service for this purpose. If you already have your own products, the site I would recommended for building funnels fast is Clickfunnels.Com.

Investment: Setting up a sales funnel that works well is not really that expensive. If you have to spend a small amount for money, you can easily recoup that money with the help of a high converting sales funnel.

[headline style=”12″ align=”center” headline_tag=”h4″]Now, the real question to ask to make it all work together is, how do you make a sales funnel convert?[/headline]

You’ve reached the most exciting part of this article, keep on reading to discover the 10 essential secret of a high converting sales funnel.

[headline style=”1″ align=”center” headline_tag=”h2″]The 10 Essential Key Elements of A High Converting Sales Funnel[/headline]

sales funnel 10 key elements

A sales funnel that absolutely converts well doesn’t happen by accident. It comes with a good plan and 10 essential key elements. Let me reveal them to you:

Key Element #1: An Irresistible Lead Magnet.

You need a lead magnet to kick-start a sales funnel. But not just anyhow lead magnet, you need one that is very good and irresistible. A lead magnet can be in the form of an ebook, a video, a test drive of your product, a free sample of your product etc. The purpose of this is to help you collect leads and then follow up with them. A good lead magnet should relate to your product in one way or the other.

Key Element #2:  A High Converting Lead Capture Page.

A capture page is what you use to collect leads. This is where people give you their names and email addresses in order to get your lead magnet and you need one that converts.

But why?

[feature_box style=”3″ only_advanced=”There%20are%20no%20title%20options%20for%20the%20choosen%20style” width=”550″ alignment=”center”]Ok, let me explain… now let’s assume your lead capture page converts at 20%. If you send 100 visitors to the page, you would get 20 subscribers. But what if it converts at 30% or 40%? That would be 10 – 20 more subscribers which can make a huge difference to your bottom-line.

Now if you blow the numbers up a little – imagine you send 1000 visitors to the page, you would have 200 subscribers at 20% but 400 subscribers at 40%. Do you think 200 more subscribers would make any difference in your sales and profits? I bet you do. This is the reason you need a high converting lead capture page.[/feature_box]

Key Element #3:  An Attention Grabbing Headline.

For a lead capture page to convert well, you need a good headline to draw in visitors’ attention and get them to give you their email address. So this is an important part of a good sales funnel that converts.

Key Element #4:  A Front End or Foot In The Door Low Ticket Offer.

It will be difficult to get someone who doesn’t know, like and trust you to part with their money and buy your high ticket product at the start. So to get someone to taste what your product is like, it’s a good idea to first offer him/her a low priced version of the product, say for $7 – $27. Give them a taste first and if they like the product, they are likely to buy your high ticket offer.

Key Element #5:  An Upsell Offer Of A Higher Perceived Value.

This is a must in any good sales funnel and must be offered to the buyer immediately they buy the low ticket product. For instance, if the low ticket offer was for an ebook or a report, you can offer the video/audio version at a higher price. In some cases, this is where the profit will start kicking in when doing paid advertising. Just relying only on the low ticket front end offer will not suffice.

Key Element #6:  A Downsell Offer Of The Upsell.

What have you got to lose? If the buyer doesn’t want the upsell for whatever reason, this will be an opportunity to Downsell the product and offer a cheaper version. The way to do this is simple… say you are offering the video/audio version of a digital product, you can remove the audio at this stage and sell only the video at a reduced price. Or if you were offering some bonuses with the main product, you could remove all or some of the bonuses. This can make some people buy if price was their reason for not buying at the higher rate.

Key Element #7:  A High Value, High Ticket Offer.

This can be in the price range of $197 – $497 depending on the value of the product. What you are doing here is testing the financial power of your customer who just bought your upsell or Downsell product but ensure the product you are selling here is related to the one they have just bought. Maybe an advanced course of some sort or a webinar recording etc.

Key Element #8:  A Well Crafted Automated Follow-Up System Using An Email Series.

This is extremely important to make more sales. Obviously, only a few people will buy from you at the first instance. And as you may know, it can take up to seven contacts or more for most people to make a buying decision, so following up via email is a vital key factor in getting higher conversions. If you are not following up your leads, you’ll be leaving a lot of money on the table. There are many companies you can use to do this process. I will recommend you go with either or Getresponse.Com.

Key Element #9:  List Segmentation.

Building a list is one thing but being able to segment the list for better targeting is what creates conversions and sales. What if you could segment your list into buyers and non-buyers? Even better than that, what if you are able to segment your buyers into different lists and then follow them up automatically depending on the product they buy?

Here’s an example…

[feature_box style=”3″ only_advanced=”There%20are%20no%20title%20options%20for%20the%20choosen%20style” width=”550″ alignment=”center”]Your first list is the list of people who downloaded your free gift. They need following up to get them to buy your front end offer. Then the second list will be people who bought your front end offer but didn’t buy the upsell. You can follow those up separately with the upsell and so on. This is a very good way to increase conversions for all your products. The list management services mentioned in key element #8 will help you to do this very easily.[/feature_box]

Key Element #10:  An Optional High Ticket Service Offer.

Do you have any skill you can offer as a service to your buyers? This can be some sort of done for you service. If you don’t have any skill, do you know of someone you can partner with who has the skill you can offer as a service to your customers? This is the fastest way to make a killing with your sales funnel. Done for you services can range from $297 – $2,997+ and the good thing is you don’t have to be the one to offer it. You can simply be an affiliate to the service provider or if you know how just outsource the entire thing to people who can do the service on your behalf.

That’s it and there you have it. The 10 key elements to crafting a high converting sales funnel. You now have what it takes to create yourself a sales funnel that converts. Go ahead and build one for yourself. It may look like a lot of work and yes it is. That’s the reason most people don’t do it and that’s the reason most people fail online.

Here’s The Secret Strategy

The secret is not to build the funnel yourself. Let the experts handle it for you because if you don’t have the right knowledge and skill, you could mess everything up. Let a good sales funnel work through your online business and soon you’ll be seeing amazing results not only in your sales report, but also in the quality of the list you’ll build along the way.

If you’d like to do this yourself, our sales funnel design video course may be just right you.

Or even better, let us handle the entire work for you. We will build you a high converting sales funnel custom designed to your needs. If this interest you, get more information here.

Goodluck with your marketing and please let me know what you think about this post by leaving your comments below and sharing the post with your friends. They will thank you for it.

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  • Diane says:

    Didn’t know much about sales funnels but your articles was very informative and I feel I now at least grasp the meaning of this. Hmm… I never was that good at writing great headlines, guess I’ll need to pay someone to do this for me. I could also get someone to create a video promoting my products – my voice isn’t the best for this and would probably scare off a few potential buyers : )). Anyway, just wanted to let you know I appreciate your help!

  • Tyler Gonzalez says:

    Actually been through that whole foot in the door low ticket offer and ended up buying 2 upgrades for a product so I know this works very well. I remember how much I wanted to get those upgrades – and to think that just a few minutes earlier I didn’t want to get the basic, $10 worth product. I ended up paying over $100 for the whole package. If I can create something similar to that sales funnel, I will become an internet millionaire in a short time frame :).

  • Maria says:

    I prefer high ticket offers since you make a lot more money from them. Obviously not everyone will want or have the budget for this, but it’s well worth it nonetheless. I prefer getting 5 people to spend $500 and upwards rather than having 100 people spend $25. I like working with tight groups of people because I can spend more time with them and help them get the best out of what they paid for. Working with 100 people wouldn’t be as rewarding and I wouldn’t be able to help them as much.

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