11 Ways To Get More Referrers For Your Business


You can state your referral request this way:  “You owe it to your friends to get them in on this incredible deal.”  Strive to get this idea across in your presentation.  “If you really want to help your friends get in on this limited opportunity, get them over here fast!”  Make it seem like they are helping a friend get an “insider” deal.  This is an appeal to a very specific intellectual and emotional response in your customers. Master it, and you’re going to realize amazing results and a lot of new business.

Quick Tips and Action Points:

1) Practice makes perfect. As you attempt this approach, study your results. Find the best way to instill this perception.

2) Limited time offers or “unadvertised sales” are a great aid to this approach.


Here is a terrific referral idea. Tell a customer who is interested in a product: “I’ll tell you what. I can get you a much lower price on this if you come back tomorrow with three other people, and if you all buy, you’ll all get a lower price.”   Get the word around that if people come in to your store in groups of five or 10, and if they all buy at once, everyone gets a lower price.

Quick Tips and Action Points:

1) You can advertise this as a “bring a friend” sale, or better yet, “bring a group” sale.  You get people to come in, in droves.

2) Be well prepared with stock. This technique can fill up your store fast, and clean out your warehouse faster.

3) Tell every customer about your “bring a group” for a discount, including every person who comes in as part of a group – then you can expand your sales geometrically.


Take a look at your Web site right now. What specifically is it doing to generate referrals?  How about a bright and tempting click button that says: “Click Here to Earn Cash Now!”  When they click, you give them instructions on how to send referrals your way, and they’ll get cash rewards for doing so. This alone could stimulate thousands of referrals. But what else can you do?

How about an automated e-mail referral system your customers can use to e-mail their friends?  The e-mail doesn’t come from you, but from a friend, so it’s not spam.


Send letters to your clients asking them to refer a new customer to you. Compliment the customer by telling him/her that you think of him/her as one of your best clients, and that you want to find more high quality people – just like them! It’s difficult for anyone to not feel good about being considered a “preferred” client, and take action to return the compliment.

Quick Tips and Action Points:

1) Make it stronger by offering rewards and incentives to spur the referral.

2) Make sure the letter is personalized.


Make sure your sales staff know the value of referrals, and train them in as many referral methods as you can.  Very often, a single referral has the value of 10 or 20 phone calls because a referral is rarely a cold customer. When you sales staff find out how easy it is to sell to referred customers, they’ll take off with this technique, and even develop new referral methods of their own.

Quick Tips and Action Points:

1) Have your employees submit their own new referral ideas and share them with the staff.

2) Reward employees who master referral techniques.


Stronger than a letter sent to customers, to ask for referrals is a “kit” that helps to get the job done. Provide key coded cards or some other item that referred people can use to hand out to friends and others. When the cards come in, give credit to the kit user, and then give rewards when a certain amount of cards come in. Also provide clear instruction on how to use the kit, and provide a profile of your ideal customer.

Quick Tips and Action Points:

1) Provide strong incentives to prompt people to use your referral kit.

2) Make it fun, exciting and super easy to use.

3) Keep replenishing supply of referral cards or tools.


After you sell your product or deliver your service, ask your customer if they would like their money refunded in full, while keeping the product. One hundred out of 100 people will say yes. Tell them that they’ll get a full refund upon the 10th referral that converts to a paying customer. For every customer you refund money to, you get 10 more paying customers – this system can bolster business to an amazing degree.

Quick Tips and Action Points:

1) The money back offer has a cumulative effect if you offer it to everyone.

2) This offer is unique enough to create word-of-mouth buzz.

3) Positions you as a progressive merchant who care abut customers.


When you or your employees are on site delivering a service, bring along post cards or a sheet of paper that you can ask your customer to fill out while you complete your job. You capture the customer while doing something good and needed for them.  At the moment they witness you doing a good job, they are primed to help you out with referrals.

Quick Tips and Action Points:

1) Say: “If you have any friends or family that would like the kind of service we are providing for you right now, please let us know – better yet, could you give us their names and phone numbers?”

2) Don’t be pushy or demanding. Make it seem like you only want to help out, and do something nice for your customer’s friends or family.

3) Make it stronger by offering a commission or discount for successful referrals.


This is one of the most powerful referral ideas known in business. Ask a non-competing business owner to write a letter endorsing your business, and have them send it to their customers.  If they have a good reputation with their clients, their good word about you brings powerful results.

Quick Tips and Action Points:

1) Offer to do the same for them if they do it for you.

2) Select a business or professional that has an affinity with your kind of business – although just about anybody can refer anyone.

3) Offer your endorsement host a cut of the profits to motivate them to help you out.


Make a deal that offers a bigger reward for each referral a person brings to you. For example, if you pay 10 for the first referral, pay 15 or 20 for the next.  Go as far as is cost effective for you. The motivation factor in enormous – it gives the referral agent something to work toward and think about.  Doesn’t have to be money – just make the reward bigger each time.

Quick Tips and Action Points:

1) Show the potential total earnings for those who achieve the maximum referral goal. After they reach the goal, find a way to keep them going – perhaps maintain the highest reward for each new referral if it is cost effective.

2) Help them achieve their goal by providing them with referral cards, tools etc.


If you’re paying attention, you’ll soon realize that some customers are more gifted at referring than others. When you identify heavy referral making customers, nurture that relationship, and strive to make it even more rewarding for them to keep up the good work.

Quick Tips and Action Points:

1) Keep a referral data entry log.

2) Take your heavy referral customer out to lunch – to reward them, but more importantly, to pick their minds to see what makes them tick. Ask why and how they make so many referrals.

If you follow even a fraction of the ideas and business principles that we have shared with you so far, we have no doubt that volume of business will be a problem for you.

The key now is not to put this course back on the shelf and carry on as before. Make a conscious effort to ACT NOW on these idea’s and watch your business grow as never before.

Jeffrey Oravbiere

Jeffrey is a seasoned digital marketer specialising in ecommerce marketing. Get more tips at: https://jefftips.com